Sunday, October 9, 2016

Catch up over a cuppa of joe

I have returned to the blogging work on a very wonky laptop of ours. The PC has had a tantrum of sorts so I have been left with an iPad which is impossible to blog on. Add my new job and a few other things, you get the picture. Books? What books?

Believe it or not I have been reading, not as much as I want to but have cut through a few books this year. Some fabulous some not finished and some sorta-mkay. Like I have said in the past, books are like people, you must have chemistry with them.

I have discovered a few things since I have been gone. I would like to share! I may have shared some off these things before but I swear I have some amnesia going on.

  • Being all about reading different genres I decided that in this time of not being online spouting off about books, to go back to my old favorite authors, read wherever they are in their series and not giving one flying *&#@! if I had missed out on reading earlier books.It helps when life is too fast. 
  • I cannot read before bed. I swear it's like taking a truckload of Lunesta.  One sentence and I could probably have surgery done on me after I fall asleep. It's that sad and bad. 
  • I have convinced myself that I don't have to read every single NEW book out there. So what if I read a book circa 1986 with yellow pages and a ripped cover. In time the new books will be old books, then I can read them.Okay well, not all, I have to have a brand new book for the smell alone. Once in a while. I have looked through my dusty piles and read a few oldies. I felt pleased after blowing all the dust out of it and reading it once again.
  • My friends read much faster than me and it's okay. It wasn't okay but now it's a great way to save on a book after your book friends says, " Skip it, just skip right over it, next to it and save some beans." Okay sure!
  • If you noticed the array of blue covers this year, you weren't alone. Blue EVERYWHERE! Every year I love to see what the book cover trend is. This year it was BLUE.
  • I enjoyed a few books and  I will post them soon, plus I have to update the blog, it looks pretty damn sad. Next time I will use my H's pc. This wonky sticky space bar is driving me insane!
Tally ho and all that, book friends, see you soon.
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